Almuni of the program said the following about their time:

"The tri city concept is great!"

"My favoriate part about the course is the simulation "lobby regulation in Europe", which was vivid, meaningful, and understandable for the people, who have no lobby tradition in their country, to comprehend and get a picture about what it is as well as how it works!"

"All in all, I learned a lot in 4 -week summer university academically and culturally, further more, the program is is an exceptional chance for me to understand the concept of European Union and its internal or external affairs. And every day here is an experience I will cherish forever."

"Especially the last part in Munich was excellent. The teacher was very good, and classes were very helpful in understanding the EU. I loved the trip to the UN. Also the international variety in class was amazing and very helpful in understanding certain topics. I loved the class about lobbying in the EU."

"This course made me deepen the understanding of euro. I had a direct field of vision for Europe policy , economic and structures. After this course I got many details of the Europe rules and laws.What's more the course left me an unforgettable memory. Some new friends, hot discussions, patient teachers, all of these are the factors which I liked very much about the course. This course was valuable for everyone who attended it."

"It was really good course. everyone learned a lot and had fun!"

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