Housing in Munich

The LMU offers accommodation to the participants in student residential halls of the Studentenwerk München.

Student Residence

The student housing facilities are all located close to bus or subway stations with a good connection to the university, which is located near Munich’s downtown area. 

Each student will have his own private bungalow. We will distribute the bungalows on the day of your arrival. The bungalows are equipped with a kitchen where you can prepare meals. If you need kitchen utensils you need to bring them from Vienna where a set of utensils was handed to you (cutlery, cup, plate, muesli bowl).

All participants will be provided with sheets and blankets, which can be washed at one of the laundry rooms in the building. 

Please note that student dorms are geared towards student needs and financial means. As such do not expect dorms to meet claims on luxury comfort and on pools.


During participants stay, they will be responsible to provide their own meals. During the week lunch can be purchased at one of the university’s cafeterias for € 3-5.

Public Transport

If participants want to use public transportation during your stay in Munich, we recommend a monthly pass called 'Isarcard'. For more information and prices, please consult the website of the MVV the Munich public transportation authority.


Participants should  remember to bring any supplies they may need for enjoying Munich’s outdoor bathing culture. Munich is famous for its beautiful sun bathing areas and lakes, including the 'Isar River' flowing directly through Munich, ensuring that the city is a beautiful place to enjoy the summer.