European Studies Summer Academy

Vienna – Prague – Munich: Globalization - Europeanization - Times of Crisis

Course: July 15 - August 16 (August 28), 2019

  • Part 1:       European Studies - Intensive
                      (July 15 - August 2 in Vienna and Prague)

Whereas the sessions in Vienna and Prague are attended by all participants, we offer two different tracks for your stay in Munich: you might either intensify your knowledge on the EU by joining the sessions on the EU in times of crisis or you might decide for German language classes instead. 

  • Part 2.1.:   European Studies - Intensive
                      (August 5 - August 16 in Munich)
  • Part 2.2.:   German Language Class
                      (August 5 - August 28 in Munich)

The objective of this summer academy is to provide international students a profound introduction to the European Union. Participants will cultivate a solid understanding of the historical European integration process from an economic community towards a political Union that externally strives to be an influential actor in managing globalization processes while it internally shapes national systems and domestic policies of its Member States. Yet, operating at the interface between international and national politics, the EU has recently experienced several crises due to external developments such as increasing migratory movements or the financial crisis as well as due to internal contestation by its Member States and the Brexit decision of the United Kingdom.

Though we recommend this summer academy especially to B.A. students from different academic disciplines, we also invite M.A. students to enroll for our summer academy in order to ensure peer-based learning among a diverse group of different academic backgrounds, study levels and nationalities. 

Key dates:

  • Arrival in Vienna: July 14, 2019
  • Arrival in Prague: July 27, 2019
  • Arrival in Munich: August 2, 2019
  • Departure from Munich: August 18 for the European Studies Intensive Course or August 29 for the German Language Class Course (Check-out 10.00 am the latest)